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How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation
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Whether the cause is genetic or from too much sun exposure, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone requires special attention. Removing hyperpigmentation completely can be tricky, but there are steps you can take to reduce or prevent brown spots, blotchy skin, and a rough skin texture, for a clearer and more even looking complexion.

Read on to discover how to get rid of hyperpigmentation with the best treatment for hyperpigmentation from ELEMIS.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation or skin pigmentation is a common condition also known as age spots, sunspots or freckles. It’s when certain areas of the skin appear darker or discoloured in contrast to the other skin around it and occurs when melanin (the pigment that gives skin its colour) is overproduced.

Causes Of Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation on the face can be caused by multiple factors, Including: hormones, genetics, sun exposure, pollution, skin injury or inflammation from cuts, burns. Hyperpigmentation from acne is also possible.

The more skin is exposed to environmental aggressors without protection (like SPF), the more likely you’ll have hyperpigmentation, and the darker these spots can become.

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Once hyperpigmentation has developed, it can be hard to completely get rid of it. However, there are ways to help prevent dark spots and reduce the discolouration with time, including:

  • Apply broad spectrum SPF daily under your skincare and makeup, even on cloudier, overcast days.
  • Adopt a healthy skincare routine that incorporates hyperpigmentation products and resurfacing skin care designed to help with pigmentation on the face.
  • Avoid direct sunlight especially during the peak hours of 10 am to 2 pm and shade your face with sunhats and sunglasses.
  • Limit touching or picking bites, spots, or imperfections as this can result in inflammation and lead to darker pigmentation on the face. 

Skincare For Hyperpigmentation

ELEMIS’S Dynamic Surfacing Range is formulated with active ingredients and tri-enzyme technology to help reduce any existing dark spots, as well as preventing the skin from forming more

*Always use an SPF during daylight hours and avoid UV exposure whilst using ELEMIS’ Resurfacing range.

    Writer and expert
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